Practical Business Training:

GEO’s educational modules on business fundamentals brings competency that not only informs, but enlightens.

Capability, results from expertise built through familiarity with the material in an environment of unhurried interaction with other students and mentors.

Expertise, is built gradually through experience and dynamic thought provoking questions, involvement with materials, with quizzes that will find out how you have absorbed the training on a principle by principle basis. Nothing is left unexplored that you need to understand.

Skill, results in the ability to act in the real world and get it right.  Budgeting, bookkeeping, and adapting to competition; will enable you to become skilled in comprehending what are the next steps in your business to build sustainability.

Transformation erupts when people apply their skills  and gain confidence in their own capacity as an entrepreneur. 

Filling-in the Gaps in Your Knowledge is the Second Step in the Process of Reaching Business Sustainability