One-to-One Mentoring:

No one gets to success without the good advice others.  Obtaining wisdom comes from being accountable to those who have already been where you want to go.

Interaction is a key component in sorting your ideas, making a business strategy and building a business plan. 

Connections are essential to increase the “success rate” of new entrepreneurs. In connecting with those who are already in business, you increase your capacity to perform and your capability to produce results.

Collaboration is a multiplying effect that come when others agree to partner with you in establishing your new business idea. Collaborating elevates the viability of anyone’s business.

Transformation happens as plans are verified in conversations between like-minded people, who are passionate about doing business, and enabling sustainability.

Accepting Good Advice and Assistance from Others is the Third Step in the Process of Reaching Business Sustainability


This instrument is used to assess your readiness to engage in a professional mentoring relationship in the role of mentor.  We appreciate your taking the time to complete this instrument as it will help GEO to better serve our entrepreneurs.


MENTORS:   For each of the readiness characteristics listed on the next page, please rate your abilities based upon each.  Please be as honest as you can.  Once you've completed the instrument, your score will be automatically computed and you will learn how ready you are to be a mentor.