Entrepreneur Mentoring:

Accepting good advice and assistance from others will help you avoid costly business mistakes and shorten the time to reach profitability and success.

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هذه هي عملية التوجيه التقليدية حيث يشارك شخص واحد خبرته ومعرفته وخبرته للمساعدة في توجيه شخص آخر. تم تصميم عملية العلاقة والتوجيه بشكل فردي للتركيز على احتياجات الكفاءة المحددة وأساليب التعلم الخاصة بالمنتدب.

This is the traditional mentoring process where one person shares their expertise, knowledge, and experience to help guide another person. The relationship and mentoring process is individually designed to focus on the specific competency needs and learning styles of the mentee.

Il s'agit du processus de mentorat traditionnel dans lequel une personne partage son expertise, ses connaissances et son expérience pour aider une autre personne à la guider. Le processus de relation et de mentorat est conçu individuellement pour se concentrer sur les besoins en compétences spécifiques et les styles d'apprentissage du mentoré.


This instrument is used to assess your readiness to engage in a professional mentoring relationship in the role of mentor.  We appreciate your taking the time to complete this instrument as it will help GEO to better serve our entrepreneurs.


MENTORS:   For each of the readiness characteristics listed on the next page, please rate your abilities based upon each.  Please be as honest as you can.  Once you've completed the instrument, your score will be automatically computed and you will learn how ready you are to be a mentor.